Nový firmware pro LINE 6 POD X3 Live

Tak chlapci v LINE 6 připravili novou verzi firmwaru  pro POD X3 Live s číslem dva. Pokud se změní základní číslo verze, tak bych očekával malou revoluci. Nestalo se tak, pokud tedy neopravili ještě něco o čem nechtějí mluvit. Přibyly nové efekty  vesměs dost speciální a použitelné jen zřídka. Seznam uvádím dole. Každopádně je asi dobré si ho nahrát a s tím i novu verzi Monkey a GearBox.

  • Vocoder: Our 14 band Vocoder is based on the classic rack units employed by recording studios and modular synths since the early '70s. Use the decay knob to slow down the Vocoder’s responsiveness to create some haunting drones.
  • Dynamic Delay: Made popular by the T.C. Electronic® 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay. While you play, the Dynamic Delay keeps the volume of the echoes turned down, so that the echoes don’t overwhelm what you’re doing.
  • Dimension: Based on* the Roland® Dimension D. One of the first true stereo chorus units. Relatively subtle in its nature, it became an industry standard for double-track effects.
  • Pitch Vibrato: Based on* the Boss® VB-2. It contained a circuit that produced bubbly vibrato, but was popular for its “rise time” control that when engaged, sped up to where you last set it.
  • Voice Box: Inspired by* Vocoders, Vocal Tracts & Surgical Tubing. This model gives your guitar a sound that’s typical of a classic “talk box.”
  • V-Tron: Voice Box meets Mu-Tron® III. In this model your guitar again “speaks” with an almost human voice, but now it does so in response to your playing.
  • Octisynth: Inspired by eight armed denizens of the deep. Everyone knows that all you need is a bottleneck and a reverb tank to get whale sounds, but how about our friend the Octopus?
  • Q Filter: Your very own parked wah! You’ve heard it before from Mark Knopfler and from Brian May of Queen—it’s a wah “parked” in one position.
  • Pattern Tremolo: Inspired by* Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper. This effect is what you’d get if you could hook up a vintage keyboard sequencer to a tremolo.
  • Frequency Shifter: A ring modulator gives you both up and down shifted frequencies. Here you can select just the up or down shifted frequencies.
  • Barberpole Phaser: A classic effect from the world of modular synths. This phaser either sounds like it’s always going up or always down depending on how you set it. Set to stereo you get both!
  • Script Phaser: Based on* MXR® Phase 90. Just like the original our model only features a Speed control.